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Buffumville Lake Dam

Charlton, MA

Electrical Upgrades

Government Agency:  United States Army Corps of Engineers
Prime Contractor - Self Performed
Completion Date: In Progress
Contract Amount: $417,000.00

Scope of Work

•    Provided a new diesel fueled generator in a sound attenuated enclosure with a manual/auto option transfer switch and a new distribution panel.
•    Provided a new power panel at the gate tower along with new feeder conductors and new branch circuit wiring from the new panel to the first device in each circuit.
•    Replaced feeds to the gate controllers in the gallery in their entirety, without splices
•    Added a new usage meter to the new MDP
•    Relocate the main electric service disconnect and power panels.
•    Remove utility company power pole. Direct bury the wiring from pole to the new service equipment.

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