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Topeka Correctional Facility

Topeka, KS

Primary Electrical Modifications, Phase 3

Project Location: Topeka, KS
Government Agency: State of Kansas
Contract Number: A-011920(A)
Prime Contractor: Midwest Electrical Construction Inc.
Completion Date: 11/2016
Transformer Size: 1500KVA
Switchgear Amperage: 800A
Primary Voltage of Transformer: 12470V
Contract Amount: $598,824.00

Scope of Work

  • Midwest Electrical Construction Inc. team installed a new standby generator unit with base mounted fuel tank, connection to existing below grade fuel oil storage tank, pad mounted transformer, connection to primary S&C switch

    • New pad mount switch had source transfer capability and with new below­ grade electrical distribution system.

  • New concrete slab and concrete foundations for generator and transformer were installed by MEC.

  • The existing dual fuel dispensing pump was removed to allow connection of new piping to the existing fuel oil suction piping below the pump. A spacer was fabricated, and the existing fuel oil piping and electrical power extended to accommodate the spacer. The existing pump was reinstalled and connected on top of the spacer.

  • A new fuel conditioning unit was provided and connected. The existing structural tube covering the existing tank vent piping was cut, off, removed, modified to allow return fuel oil pipe to be connected to the fuel oil vent and then reattached to existing.

  • The electrical feed to the maintenance building and old gymnasium was modified. The old gymnasium was electrically connected to the maintenance building. Existing Primary services to both maintenance building and old gymnasium were removed.

    •  New Generator and the existing Automatic Transfer Switch were connected to the system.

  • Midwest Electrical Construction Inc. supervised commissioning by the generator manufacturer field services team.

  • All equipment was verified and test to ensure that it met all project quality and reliability requirement before start-up and operation.

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