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VA Medical Center

Sioux Falls, SD

Electrical Upgrades & Correction of  Electrical Deficiencies

Project Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Government Agency: Department of Veteran Affairs
Contract Number: 36C26318R0683
Prime contractor: 100% self-performed
Completion Date: 99% Complete
Contract Amount: $1,411,405.01

Scope of Work

  • Provided and Installed three (3) 500kVA 13,800V Transformers.

  • Building 24 upgrade feeds from BLDG 50.

  • Breaker used to feed a 225Kva is undersized, evaluate circuit, designed, and installed correct breaker.

  • Upgraded building 50 Generator sequencing.

  • Pharmacy Power, normal and emergency.

  • Replace open transfer switches to closed.

  • Replace and Relocate Transformers 5-1 and 5-2.

  • Separate feeders to switchgear EAST and WEST.

  • 400ft of concrete encased ductbank including excavation, equipment pads, and hard surface replacement.

  • Coordinated third party testing and scheduled outages with the Owner.

  • Always maintained the existing utility services for the Medical Center by providing temporary facilities, labor, materials, equipment, connections, and utilities to assure uninterrupted services.

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